To employers we offer:

  1. Preparation of employment agreements and manager contracts
  2. Complex assistance in correct termination of labour relationship with an employee, both by and without notice, including:
    • verification of basis of termination
    • preparation of representations on termination of employment relationship
    • preparation of termination notice of labour contract
    • representation before labour law courts at all stages of proceedings
  3. Drafting internal work regulation acts, particularly:
    • work regulations and bylaws
    • remuneration regulations
    • instructions for employees
    • regulations on prizes and bonuses
    • social funds regulations
  4. Optimization of regulations on work time, including introduction and verification of work time management systems
  5. Legalization of stay and work of foreigners in Poland
  6. Safe & safety regulation audits
  7. Full assistance as to collective redundancies
  8. Verification of correctness of applied practices as to disciplinary penalties and of holding employees liable for damage incurred by an employer
  9. Verification of completeness of personal files of employees and of correctness of the files
  10. Protection against competition from own employees
  11. Advices on intellectual property issues involving labour law issues
  12. Preparation and introduction of protection of business secrets systems, help in safeguarding business secrets of company
  13. Advice on change of ownership and restructuring processes of workplaces
  14. Protection of good name of employer
  15. Preparation and introduction of due procedures on processing personal data of employees
  16. Representation in disputes with the Social Security Office
  17. Representation of employer in case of, or in case of possibility of, opening a collective dispute, including:
    • conducting negotiations with representatives of employees
    • verification of legality of employees’ actions
  18. Advice on collective labour agreements
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